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Press Coverage, Television Appearances and More!

The Saint Nicholas Institute and its staff are no strangers to the camera, column inches or - in today's world - the digital page. Enjoy just a few of the Insitute's appearances in media below.

St. Anthony Messenger, December 2017 feature article, Reforming Santa Claus

DAC News, December 2016 feature article, A ‘Super Santa’ Shares a St. Nick Story

"At Home with Jim & Joy" (LIVE Television Interview with St. Nicholas)

Fr. Joseph Marquis, founder and executive director of the St. Nicholas Institute ( ), portrays St. Nicholas of Myra on the LIVE Monday, December 19, 2016 episode of “At Home with Jim & Joy." The program, co-hosted by Jim and Joy Pinto is broadcast each week on Catholic Global Television Network (EWTN). Fr. Joseph, a Emmy Award winning professional “St. Nick," has brought the Patron Saint of Children to life for the young and the young-at-heart for 45 years (2016).

"At Home with Jim and Joy" (Jim & Joy Pinto)
Mondays at 2pm EST (LIVE) / Rebroadcast: Saturdays at 10:30am ET
Thursdays at 2pm EST (LIVE) / Rebroadcast: Sundays at 10:30am ET

(This video used by kind permission of EWTN)

A DVD of this December 19, 2016 episode of “At Home with Jim & Joy" (Item #: AH179) may be purchased online from the EWTN Digital Catalog.

Living Right with Dr Ray Christmas Special” (Interview with St. Nicholas)

Dr. Raymond Guarendi (above, right), host of the popular series, “Living Right with Dr. Ray, prepares to conduct a rare interview with St. Nicholas of Myra (a.k.a. “Santa Claus”). The 4th century saint arrived donning his Eastern Christian (Byzantine) Bishop’s vestments.

Join clinical psychologist, Dr. Raymond Guarendi and his LIVE studio audience as he conducts a rare television interview with St. Nicholas during his “Living Right With Dr. Ray: Christmas Special.” His program is viewed globally in more than 140 countries each week on the Global Catholic Television Network (EWTN).

In this “Living Right with Dr. Ray” episode, St. Nicholas (portrayed by Fr. Joseph Marquis) offers a historically-based, often lightly humorous, overview that reveals how a holy, compassionate 4th century Eastern Christian bishop from Asia Minor, would morph into “a right jolly old elf” by means of an “extreme make-over.”

The interview with Dr. Ray discloses that, far from living in “a marshmallow world,” Nicholas was no stranger to persecution and suffering due to his steadfast devotion to his Christian Faith. Despite the tyranny he endured under the pagan Roman authorities of his day, however, St. Nicholas’ welcoming, avuncular persona still shines through; exuding the same joy, peace and love that continues to make him the embodiment of all that is the “Christmas Spirit” now, and for all time.

"Santa Wins An Emmy"

Fr. Marquis conversion and life story, presented by Shalom World Catholic Television Network.

"Jolly Ole Saint Nick"

From Shalom World Catholic Television Network.







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