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Love for Children - Devin Scillian, author, “Memoirs of an Elf”

Devin Scillian’s book, “Memoirs of An Elf” (Sleeping Bear Press, 2014), is a wonderfully playful Christmas tale that parents and grandparents will enjoy sharing with a child or two sitting on their knees.

Devin Scillian is equally at home on your television, on your bookshelf, and on your stereo.  Devin anchors the evening newscasts for Local 4 [WDIV-TV / Detroit].  Additionally, he moderates Flashpoint, Local 4's Sunday morning news program.  He is also a best-selling author of children's books, and an award-winning musician and songwriter.

Devin joined WDIV-TV in August, 1995 as a reporter and moved into the anchor position in 1996.  He's been honored for his work both at home and abroad.  His assignments have taken him from the Forbidden City in Beijing to St. Peter's Square at the Vatican, from the Red Sea to Moscow, from Jerusalem to Siberia. His well-worn passport has taken him to six Olympiads. Three times he has won the Edward R. Murrow Award, one of the highest honors in broadcast journalism. Scillian is also an Emmy Award winning journalist.

Devin Scillian is a three time winner of the revered Edward R. Murrow Award for demonstrating highest excellence in broadcast journalism.

Devin Scillian were made for each other.

After graduating from the William Allen White School of Journalism at the University of Kansas in 1985, Devin began his career at WIBW-TV in Topeka.  His job path took him to WAND in Decatur, Illinois, KLTV in Tyler, Texas, and KFOR in Oklahoma City where his around the clock coverage of the bombing at the Murrah Federal Building in 1995 helped the station win a Peabody Award.  Nurturing a long love of politics, he created Flashpoint which quickly became required viewing for “those in the know” in Detroit.

Prolific Author of Children’s Books (Sleeping Bear Press)

Both “H is for Honor”, “Memoirs of a Hamster” and other books by Devin Scillian are available from Sleeping Bear Press .

Devin is the author of 15 children's books.  His book "A is for America" became a national bestseller.  In 2004, First Lady Laura Bush invited him to read at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.  His book, "Memoirs of a Goldfish," has won a slew of awards including the Wanda Gag Award for the nation's best "read aloud" book.  His other books include "Fibblestax," "Cosmo's Moon,", "H Is For Honor" (pictured at top) and "Memoirs of a Hamster" (pictured just above). Source:

Memoirs of an Elf: A Modern Day Christmas Classic

It's Christmas Eve and Spark Elf has the very important job of keeping Santa Claus on schedule as he travels the globe in 24 hours delivering presents. Small in stature with pointy ears and stopwatch in hand, Spark lets Santa know it's time to go. He programs the GPS while the other elves secure the toy bag and check the Nice list. Little known fact: We don't even bring the Naughty list with us. Six hours into the trip Santa, sleigh and crew begin to fall behind--so many cuddly doggies to pet and extra cookies to eat. The jolly group makes up time in Brazil and soon find themselves back at the North Pole. Their work is done. But wait, there's something left in the bag--but it isn't a present at all--it's a family dog! Well known fact: Santa gives things away. He does not take things! Momma Claus comes to the rescue with a plan to get the dog back to his family. Can Santa return the family's beloved pooch in time to keep their Christmas merry?

Armed with a smart phone for texting, navigating via GPS, and using the camera feature to take an “elfie” of himself and his crew before taking off with Santa on Christmas Eve, Spark is truly a millennial elf. At times, his Type A personality surfaces whenever it seems that Santa is falling behind schedule, but Spark’s heart, following truisms like “No Santa, no Christmas,” is in the right place. After Tugboat, an adorable stowaway dog, accidentally hitches a ride to the North Pole, Spark witnesses the heartwarming, more-important-than-Santa side of the holiday when they reunite Tugboat with his family. Cartoon illustrations blend the modern and festive well (the microphone on Spark’s headset is red-and-white striped and his phone is holly leaf green), making the book as a whole appeal to children regardless of their tech savvy.

Information Source:

Video Review of “Memoirs of an Elf”

This is a delightfully hilarious

Christmas tale that children will love.

This is a modern-day twist

on Santa and his elves’ big night.

It is one tale that little ones will relate to

as Spark texts, snaps elfies (selfies),

and keeps time on his smart phone.

The tale is the perfect blend between

the classic Christmas tale

and the high-tech world

young children see around them.

If you're interested in

a modern-day Christmas classic,

this is a perfect choice!”

- Deb Fowler, Feathered Quill Book Reviews

Detroit Music Award Winner

A true “Renaissance Man”, Scillian is also an accomplished musician and songwriter, Devin has won the prestigious Detroit Music Award for Best Country Performer.  He has released three albums of his original songs.  He and his band "Arizona Son" make frequent appearances on the summer concert circuit.  He's opened for Toby Keith, Reba McEntire, and LeAnn Rimes.

Americana” - Devin Scillian (Music Video)

There’s one thing that connects journalism with music with writing children’s books -- it’s all about storytelling.” -Devin Scillian (quotation from blogger, Korina Dove )

Corey and Devin Scillian were high school sweethearts. As Devin once playfully remarked: “I married the girl next door.” 

Devin and his loving bride, Corey, have been together since their high school days in Junction City, Kansas.  They reside in Grosse Pointe Park, and are the proud parents of their four children: Griffin, Quinn, Madison and Christian.

Devin’s “Favorites

  • Favorite Books: "A Prayer for Owen Meany", John Irving; "Where the Sidewalk Ends" by Shel Silverstein; "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" Alexander Solzhenitsyn; "The Sun Also Rises", Ernest Hemingway

  • Favorite Movies: "The Year of Living Dangerously", "Shakespeare in Love", "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" and "Schindler's List"







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